__ARTS____dance and technology - media art - electroacoustics - virtual architechture - videodance - abstract film...
_____TECHNOLOGY____sustainable technologies of the body and the territory...
_________CRITICAL THEORY___ - queer - postcolonial - posthuman -embodiment theories -biopolitics...

When you occupy a place that is explicitly prohibited it is possible to articulate something like a reverse discourse.

Judith Butler

The Project REVERSO (Institute, Centre, Journal, Ensemble, Laboratory and Association) is a transdisciplinary independent initiative that aims to foster social and cultural transformation through research, production, education, diffusion and activism in the crossroads of arts practices, old and new technologies, critical theory and political action.

Special focus is in the relations between art, technology and the body, and in particular in the fields of

It started in 2000 with the publication of the first Journal of queer studies in Spanish.

Since 2001 the Institute REVERSO and the Ensemble REVERSO have developed and presented performances and installations in the fields of interactive dance, electroacoustics, video and virtual generative architecture as well as critical theory papers in festivals, conferences, exhibitions and other events in Europe and America.

The Workshop of the Technologies of the Body is the education ad diffusion initiative of the project, started in 2003.

The Transdisciplinary Association REVERSO was legally constituted in 2006.


"Technologies of the body" makes reference, in the sense proposed by Michel Foucault, to biopolitical technologies of control within latecapitalist societies. We "(post-)humans", and the territories we are part of, are constituted as bodies by specific technologies which are in turn product of discourses and representations within regimes of power.

Reverso studies both the genealogies of these technologies, the ways to subvert them and new projects for bodies and technologies, for subjects, territories and social formations, within a project of radical democracy and proliferation of specificities and differences (sexual, cultural, bodily...), through the articulation of new radical technological architectures for the body, communication, representation, discourse, perception, consciousness and experience; in a transmedia research into old and new technologies, bodily knowledges, discourses, and artistic practices: a search for sustainable technologies of the body and the territory.