Concept, music, visuals and texts: Jaime del Val
Choreography: Jaime del Val e Iva Horvat
Dancer: Iva Horvat
Computer control: Jaime del Val and Gregorio García Karman
MAX-MSP- jitter Programming: Gregorio García Karman
3D Virtools image programming: Luka Brajovic and Ricardo Gadea
3d Image design: Jaime del Val, Ricardo Gadea and Luka Brajovic
Lighting: Silvia Kuchinow
Dressing: Valeria Civil

Technical Direction: G.G. Karman
Direction and Production: Jaime del Val - Reverse project

With the collaboration of the Informatics and Electronic Music Laboratory of the The Contemporary Music Center (LIEM-CDMC). Madrid, and Barceloneta Civic Center.

Aproximate duration: 60 minutes.

Premiered in Madrid in La Casa Encendida el 25th of October, and in Barceloneta Civic Center in Barcelona on the 30th of October 2003.

Emerging Technologies Award in Ciberart Bilbao 04 and Mention of Honour in Vida 6.0