->Proyecto REVERSO - Jaime del Val
-->UMBRALES_3.2.1 ____Cuerpo Sub_liminal

Concept and development : Jaime del Val
Music, video, texts : Jaime del Val
Max-MSP-jitter programming: Gregorio García Karman and Jaime del Val
3d Design : Jaime del Val, Ricardo Gadea and Luka Brajovic
3d Programming in Virtools : Ricardo Gadea and Luka Brajovic
Production: REVERSO


Interactive installation in which the image, voice and movement of the public becomes a trail, an immersive landscape, a poetic space in the frontier of abstraction, an expanded reflexion of the self that reveals glimpses of hidden realities. Movement, image and voice analysis are used to generate a complex video, 3D and electroacoustics composition.

Reduced version of the installation Umbrales 3.1. The acquisition of the work includes the software and installation costs, excluding computers, camera. The piece in question will be a single unique version of the installation, number 3.2.1.


The installation UMBRALES (Thresholds) is a multiuser interactive and generative environment in which the presence and full body movement of the public generates and transforms a complex abstract visual and sound landscape, a trail of light and sound in which he body of the interactors is constantly being reflected, mutiplied annd dissolved.

The installation attempts to explore the new potential for spatial experience with the affective body: to create a projective space of abstraction that is decomposing all recognizabilities or keeping them always on the hovering edge, aiming at a diffusion, and redirection of the senses and at a poetic space in which the organisation of materials and "meanings" will be following a deformative path or evolution, a delayed echo of blurred vision and evocation: glimpses of bodies, body parts, limbs, landscapes or places, glimpses of some "factual reality" which seem to have been dissolved into "zones of indiscernibility", and ourselves mirrored and transformed within it.

Sub_liminal Body thus attempts to subvert the ocularcentric modes, and vision, aiming at more synaesthetic or hybrid experiences and sensorial differences (the auditory, the proprioceptive), moving toward a "seeing that can no longer interpret," as Mark Hansen suggests.

Sub_liminal Body is a space of emergence of the liminal, of that which is in the margins of normative discourse and understanding, as a reverse of standardised screenbased media culture, with its concrete forms and parodies of the real. The screen becomes translucent and concrete representations blur into an open landscape of undiscernability where existing forms, cognition and percetive qualities and abilities are renegotiated as architechtures of an affective body, uncovering an unlimited landscape where that which had been silenced or categorized as abject is empowered in its process of emergence.


Interface: Cameras will be analysing the movement of the participants and performer for the generation of and interaction with, a complex video, 3D and electroacoustics composition. Sound will be catured by a wireless microphone, analised, processed and spatialised in four channels.

The system works in four networked computers.

The image will be composed of three merging layers, sources or materials, and a diversity of processes, that will conform the visual environment aiming at a disrupted multilayered experience of one's and of the other's bodies and selves:
- the processed image of the interactors
- prerecorded video material, processed life
- an evolving ephemeral 3D architechture that transforms through the movement.

The sound will be equally composed of several layers:
- the procesed voice of the interactors, that becomes a choir, an abstract trail.
- the processing of prerecorded materials
- synthesis sounds generated life
- quadraphonic interactive spatialisation of all the processes.

The images are projected onto translucent screens within a dark space. The dimensions of the space are variable: between 3x3 metros y 10x6m or more. Smaller versions with plasma screens and stereo sound are possible, for the installation within existing spaces of the house, the work space, transitory spaces or other areas of a building or open space.