REVERSO in Portugal 2008




Metaformance: ANTIBODIES of surveillance and control_MICRODANCES - followed by Conference

12th November 2008 at 21'30 in TEATRO AVEIRENSE - AVEIRO
An intervention of the pangender cyborg in the whole space of the Teatro Aveirense, followed by a conference/face to face with the audience. +

13th November 2008 at 15'00-16'30 in ESAP – Escola Superior Artística do Porto -
15th-16th November 2008 10'00 - 18'00 in FEUP – Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto ESAP - 12 hours - Language: English


a techno-guerrilla of the pangender body

a transmedia metaformance




Concept and development: Jaime del Val & OLINTO
Jaime del Val
and visual composition, space-design and texts : Jaime del Val
Computer Programming: Jaime del Val based on a programme by Gregorio García Karman
Attrezzo: Higuerasarte
Production and Hardware: REVERSO


ANTIBODIES OF SURVEILLANCE __MICRODANCES is a transmedia metaformance (performance-installation-intervention-architecture-instrument-process-metabody) that uses wireless micro surveillance cameras on the naked body as interface to generate cross-media, analogue-digital, interactual, intersensory and emergent environments, liquid and poetic spaces of the body, which subvert the technology of surveillance and the camera in order to question implicit mechanisms of power and control, to defy the categories of gender and sexuality, and produce a (meta)body of relational intensities, expanded and diffuse, pangender and metasexual, an Antibody that defies the viral mechanisms of signification, control and standardisation in the latecapitalist market-society.



(6th) Nomad Workshop of the Technologies of the Body


Beyond the performative: Critical approaches to the body, art and technology.


in Porto (Portugal)– 14th-15th November  2008


Directed by: JaiVal (Jaime del Val)  - REVERSO

Duration: 12 hours

Number of participants: max. 40  (Approx.)

Language: English




The Nomad Workshop of the Technologies of the Body is a transdisciplinary initiative of education, production, exchange and debate of REVERSO in the convergence of arts (performance, dance, video, electroacoustics, architecture, urban interventions, internet) new technologies, critical thinking and political action. From performance to interactive dance, from life electroacoustics to virtual architecture, from software and hardware hacking to musical instruments and vocal techniques, from posthuman amplified bodies to queer theory, from postcolonial studies to cyberfeminism, from gay-lesbian politics to transgender and intersex movements, from internet to urban interventions, from urban speculation to ecology.


The workshop proposes a critical look into the ways in which communication and information technologies craft our affects and desire, our identity, sexuality and subjectivity, within specific regimes of power and will explore ways to subvert such technologies in the context of transdisciplinary performance & technology projects, in particular through the use of surveillance cameras as interfaces on the naked body.


The workshop will explore transdisciplinary artistic practice in the convergence of performance, installation, urban intervention and other mixed media, with brief introductions to software Max-MSP-jitter and the production of interactive systems with rare interfaces used as extensions of the body and the subject. We will take a brief critical look at a number of branches from contemporary critical theory and propose a number pf philosophical tools with which to rethink technology, the body, the subject and social interaction. The work of JaiVal—REVERSO will be introduced and practical demos will be made. The participants will be able to experiment the “Microdances” technique through improvisation with surveillance cameras on the body, and will also be able to briefly present for discussion their own projects.


Pangender Technopolitics


Technology produces our identity, our gender, our status  as sovereign subjects or abject subalternities in terms of sexuality, class, race, age, health and bodily form, produces the ways in which these are socially articulated as political forms of differentiation and instruments of power of a disciplinary and normative social framework that has become merely instrumental in latecapitalist times.


Latecapitalism can be seen as a hidden form of totalitarian society in which the market operates upon us through giving form to our affects and desires, behind the façade of democracies, nation states and sovereign subjects, inducing an unprecedented standardisation of bodies and affects, through the dissemination of technologies of leisure and communication that, behind their innocent aspect, are forming us and assimilating us as instruments of the latecapitalist machine.


How does this crafting of affect and desire happen? How can we counteract such power mechanisms? How can we invert and subvert the ways in which technology forms our affect and desire? How can we articulate consistent forms of resistance to such implicit and hidden forms of domination?


We will look into ways of destabilizing the modes of affective production that operate on us through technology, in the context of transmedia and metamedia performance projects, in the convergence of dance, video, electroacoustics, architecture, internet, street interventions and critical theory. Transdisciplinary techno-artistic-philosophical research will thus become a political instrument to counteract the new secret forms of domination in latecapitalist societies.


Media arts have produced a large diversity of possibilities to redefine embodied experience altogether and offer an open framework for the redefinition of technology, communication, relational architectures and social articulations, yet the political and aesthetic potentials of this transdisciplinary domain are largely unexplored. On the other hand cyberfeminist, queer, transgender and postporn movements have generated a diversity of tactics for counteracting gender normativity, which however show some limitations with regard to the way in which they reify materialist and cartesian frameworks of representation.


The workshop will offer a diversity of philosophical, technological and aesthetic tools for the reinvention of oneself as a body, beyond conventions of subjectivity and identity. It will propose ways to undo gender binary normativity and sexuality divides (male-female, heterosexual-homosexual, private-public) through radical interventions in the technologies that constitute our identities (the camera), and propose a pangender, post-anatomical, relational metabody, as an architecture of intensities that defies articulations of the social in terms of organism and fixed structure.


How I project myself into the world through intensities (gestures, sounds...), how we project each onto one another constituting common intensities (the city, the territory, sexuality, group or family relations) is also what reproduces old forms of reality or produces new forms. We will study radical interventions into non-verbal communication as means of producing new reality, new forms of relationality that don’t rely upon the reproduction of normative structures, that don’t attempt to represent, simulate or reproduce, thus going beyond the concept of performance into the realm of metaformance and metaformativity.


In particular the use of surveillance cameras on the naked body will be proposed as example of ways for decomposing the anatomy of the body, its representation, signification and structure, in the context of interactive systems and performance, as well as diverse forms of intervention that go beyond traditional disciplinary divides: in the streets, in the internet, in private houses...

The work developed in recent years by JaiVal-REVERSO will be an example from which to discuss technical, aesthetical, philosophical and political questions as an instigation for the projects of the participants (theoretical, artistic, technological or political), that will also be discussed during the workshop.


The workshop is addressed to: professionals, students and wider audience interested in performance, dance & technology, media arts, life electroacoustics, critical theory (queer, posthuman, poscolonial, postporn, poststructuralist theories), social work, communication theories and technologies, non verbal communication and other related fields.



PROGRAMME (provisional):


1º DAY:

·        Introductions [30 min.]

·        Presentation of works by JaiVal_REVERSO [90 min.]

·        Critical Theory - Pangender Technopolitics: from post-queer, posthuman, postcolonial and postporn to intensive bodies and the production of affect in latecapitalism – tecnopower – new empires – neoliberal panacoustics and panoptics – post-anatomical bodies – politics of affect and radical ecology of the body – READINGS [2 hours]

·        Practice - How to build a Metabody (1): performance & technology - the instrument-interactive system and introduction to Max-MSP-jitter – video surveillance systems applied to the body  - image analysis and processing – voice processing in real time, spatialisation and vocal techniques – history of interfaces of gestural control of sound, from traditional instruments to hyperinstruments  [2 hours]


2º DAY:

·        Critical Theory - Pangender Technopolitics: from post-queer, posthuman, postcolonial and postporn to intensive bodies and the production of affect in latecapitalism – tecnopower – new empires – neoliberal panacoustics and panoptics – post-anatomical bodies – politics of affect and radical ecology of the body – READINGS [1 hours]

·        Presentations of projects by the participants [2 hours]

·        Practice - How to build a Metabody (2): proximity and relation – non-verbal communication – contact and improvisation – microdances – experimenting with surveillance cameras on the body – forms of intervention (in the street, in the internet, in private houses in closed spaces) and final improvisation.  [3 hours]