[ FRONTIER BODIES / METABODY__Morphogenesis 4.0.0 ]

a techno-guerrilla of the post-queer body
__Minimal Body_Trans-Intimacy_Trans-Osmose________________

a transmedia metaformance

REVERSO___Jaime del Val & OLINTO    

Concept and development: Jaime del Val
Performers: Olinto and Jaime del Val
Sound and visual composition, space design and texts: Jaime del Val

Computer Programming: Jaime del Val based on a programme by Gregorio García Karman
Attrezzo: Higuerasarte
Production and Hardware: REVERSO


ANTIBODIES OF SURVEILLANCE __MICRODANCES is a transmedia metaformance (performance-installation-intervention-architecture-instrument-process-metabody) that uses wireless micro surveillance cameras on the naked body as interface to generate cross-media, analogue-digital, interactual, intersensory and emergent environments, liquid and poetic spaces of the body, which subvert the technology of surveillance and the camera in order to question implicit mechanisms of power and control, to defy the categories of gender and sexuality, and produce a (meta)body of relational intensities, expanded and diffuse, pangender and metasexual, an Antibody that defies the viral mechanisms of signification, control and standardisation in the latecapitalist market-society.