REVERSO_Jaime del Val –





Wireless Micro-Surveillance-Cameras on the naked body.


A body with thousand eyes.


Unkown territories in the frontier of the intelligible...


Where everything is body, gender is nowhere... everyhting is sex.


An intimate encounter beyond the frontiers of intimacy.


Microdances is perhaps about the situated, located, intensive body, which is also a diffuse body in its distributed locality of relational forces. It is about reembodying technology and negotiating the territories of the body that account for viable subjectivity, it is about an exploration of unlimited sensations, and forms of relation that don't imply a reception of meaning.


Microdances is a metaformance, it lies beyond the performatic and the performative in so far as it is situated beyond the framework and theatre of representation, simulation and parody.


It is about intimate interfaces that attempt to break apart the very lines that make intimacy possible, that make it possible to maintain the public-private divide and of the intimate versus the public. It is subversion of the territories of intimacy. It is about an intensive body that tries to defy the hiperreal body of media representations, the standard bodies of the total screen.


It is a terrain for the renegotiation of gender far beyond the binary oppositions, and of sex as anatomical substrate for gender. A landscape for redesigning the maps and normative territories of bodies in an open field of possibilities and emergence. A new form of being a body beyond gender and biological sex, where everything is intensity, sex, affect.


Guerrilla of the postqueer body, politics of the amorphous, anti-representation guerilla. Guerrilla of the postbody, panbody, metabody, microbody, postgender, pangender, metasex, microsex.


It is a laboratory for new choreographies of being, new temporalities and consciousness, for meta- trans- sub- anti- counter- post- ultra- micro-choreographies.


It is improvisation and sedimentation, potential language, practice and technique, theory and therapy.


A process of becoming metabody.


A reinvention of the technology of the body.


A guerrilla of the frontier body.


To be/move in the frontier of intelligibility.



¿Can we be antibodies in the empire of normative representation? ¿Can we resist the logos of standardisation? ¿Are we standard bodies or are we already always resisting assimilation at some point?


The politics of the amorphous is the promise for the renegotiation of boundaries through operating on the boundaries of bodies themselves. The promise of antibodies of intensities that defy the fixity of material bodies and naturalised subjectivities, in our context of standardisation and assimilation in digital culture and late-capitalism, of implicit power and censorship, where the substrate/subtext/subimage of corporeality, language, technology and its political economy need to be radically redesigned.




Quoting Stelarc we may say that we have always been, in some way or other, cyborgs and zombies, we have always been part of technological prosthesis, and we have always been acting according to norms that we embody, assume and naturalise. Up till now the "human" has lived in the ZOMBIE ERA, its culture has been a zombie civilisation. It is time to unmask, not only discursive, normative and textual codes that regulate and produce life and give it intelligibility and cultural viability, but more especially the intensive, non-verbal, metacorporeal flows that constitute us. With this gesture the techno-body and the metabody are born, that and with them the end of the zombie era is announced. SIGNIFICATION IS DEAD. AWAY WITH PARODY. LONG LIVE THE METABODY.


ANTIBODIES challenges the mechanisms of control through which life is implicitly regulated in the neoliberal society, and proposes a radical reformulation of the body, its sensory and disciplinary anatomy, as flow of relational intensities, affects and desires.


The technology of control par-excellance, the camera, is subverted through its explicit coupling with the body, in order to produce and irreducible, uncontrollable body that floods normative channels of convention, defies standardisation and control and makes surveillance collapse in the realm of the amorphous.


It is a poetic and bodily guerrilla against implicit mechanisms of control, against the technologies that regulate and produce our selves-bodies, against the traffic and production of standardised forms of life within capitalism, against the new forms of totalitarian neoliberalism that is hidden behind the façade of democracies. A rebellion against the norms that regulate bodies, gender, sex, sexuality and intimacy, the private and the public. A new regime for the real as sub-molecular flow of diffuse intensities, both stratified and in lines of escape. Bodies that expand and project themselves generating new space and time, bodies-spaces, bodies-cities, bodies-territories.


It is a protest against capitalist standardisation of bodies, against neoliberal mechanisms of control, against normative categories of gender and sexuality, against the organism of the social and towards an intensive and sustainable economy, an ecology of the body-territory.




Where everything is body, gender is nowhere... everyhting is sex.


TRANSMEDIA GUERRILLA - Post-visual, post-musical, post-architectural, post-choreographic: it is transmodal, transmedia, transbody... it proposes new frameworks for representation beyond vision, for hearing beyond music, for space beyond architecture, for experience and proprioception beyond sensation.


Postperformative: there is no re-presentation, no performativity: there is morphogenesis and metaformativity. It is a Metaformance and a Metabody: intensive body of fragments of bodies, intensive body of forces and relations. It is an antibody: never sedimenting in the process of emergence, always challenging the empire of FORM, the latecapitalist machine of assimilation of forms into the standars of the market and the media. Antibody of normative territories and obsolete politics. What are obsolete politics in late-capitalism? Dogmatic and fixed positions, both identitarian and postidentitarian: postglobal politics need to be multiple and contradictory: politics and aesthetics that act along the multiplicity of frontiers that constitute bodies and territories in our postmodern, hipermodern, modern and premodern planet.


POST-QUEER GUERRILLA: it is beyond the parody of gender, and beyond transgender: in the morphogenesis of representation new anatomies emerge, uncertain anti-organs of an intensive body where gender is nowhere and everything is sex.


Metasex - Microsex - Pangender: Guerrilla of the postqueer body, politics of the amorphous, anti-representation guerilla. Guerrilla of the postbody, panbody, metabody, microbody, postgender, pangender, metasex, microsex.


Post-postporn: the project challenges the technology that constitutes representation, vision, objectivity and control: the camera. In the realm of the amorphous everything is fragments of intensive bodies, nearly intelligible, sexual anti-organs that palpitate, machines of desire that flow uncontrolled, in pure excess of meaning, beyond meaning, where surveillance collapses in the realm of the amorphous. The Frontier Body redesigns itself along the borders of the intelligible.


Post-posthuman: not the materialism of the prosthesis, but the open mutliplicity of the intensive body as field of communicating forces.


Post-postcolonial: the new traffic of bodies is a traffic of (non verbal) forms, intensities that constitute us. The success of implicit power relies upon the implicit processes of embodiment of non-vernal forms. The new totalitarian regime is an empire of forms, not of ideas: ideas are the façade of the system that hide the implicit mechanisms behind fictions of “democracy”. And in the meantime we move in the circles of the fiction of the global: we believe that we a re nomads, but we are anchored in the virtual circuit of standardisation and postglobal assimilations..